Tiny Home Designs

If you have Tiny Home Designs you want to share, please send them to info@denverhomelessoutloud.org and we’ll put them up.

Our Friends over at Architecture for Humanity helped put together the following designs for tiny homes that are meant to house one to two people in a shared resources village model.
1 loft

1 main

1 persp

2 loft

2 main

2 persp

3 main

3 persp

4 loft

floor plan 1


sction 1 long

section 1 lateral

Also, our friends at Backyard Bungalows – the group that built 27 tiny homes for Opportunity Village in Eugene, Oregon – gave us permission to put up their designs.
They worked with the Oregon Building Department, and all of these meet building code and have been proven to work.
And because they used volunteer labor to build them, they only cost $2500 to construct.
For more info go to http://www.backyardbungalows.net

backyard bungalows sketchup

assembled bb bungalow









The Affordable Village Model offered by Opportunity Village Eugene
Affordable_Village Mar 24


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