Developed and written by Denver Homeless Out Loud (advisory members and potential village residents)

There will be three inter-related levels of governance within the village:

-The Village Council

-The Advisory Council

-Colorado Village Collaborative

The village itself will develop a memorandum of understanding between the Village, the Advisory Council, Beloved Community and the landlord, The Urban Land Conservancy.

Furthermore, additional support will come from our community partners, Bayaud Enterprises, and Denver Food Rescue.

It is only through the harmonizing of interests, through voluntary co-operation, through love, respect, and reciprocal tolerance, by persuasion, by example, and by the contagion of benevolence, that we can and ought to triumph.
e believe that we can never achieve the combined well-being of all – which is the aim of all our efforts – except through a free understanding among men, and without forcibly imposing the will of any upon any others.

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