Get Involved



path4146For the last few months, we’ve been putting together a new group ASAP which stands for “Alternative Solutions Advocate’s Project” we’ll be posting meeting dates soon. This is an exciting project and we encourage you to come along for the ride.
Call 720-94o-5291 to find out more.
Email if you’d like to help with fundraising, design work, outreach, our website, video work or something else.

Community Forums:

We will Be scheduling more community Forums throughout the year,

stay tuned, and always check our calendar.


To Donate Materials Call 720-940-5291 to figure out logistics to drop them off.

To Donate Financial Support – you can write a Check Out to Denver Homeless Out Loud and write in the memo line: Tiny Homes.
Checks can be mailed to 2260 California Street Denver, Colorado 80205

Call 720-940-5291 or email with any Questions


Check The Calendar above for any future events:

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