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Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL) works with and for people who experience homelessness, to solve the issues that arise from the experience of homelessness. We work to help protect and advocate for dignity, rights, and choices for people experiencing homelessness. To these ends, we commit our efforts toward goals affirmed and raised by homeless people, within our organization and without. We strive to add our strengths together to create ways of living in which everyone has a place they can call home. We welcome you to join us in this work. Our Phone: 720-940-5291

Alternative Solutions Advocacy Project.  (ASAP) is a coalition of people experiencing homelessness, service providers, shelter networks, funders, homeless advocates, and faith leaders from across the Denver metro area. Our collective mission is to build a broad-based coalition of leaders in order to create alternative safe, secure places for people to live with dignity, self-determination and connected community.



Western Regional Advocacy Project  Across the west, in California, Oregon, and Colorado, together through the Western Regional Advocacy Project, we are bringing legislation to end the criminalization of existing in public space – beginning with the Right to Rest Act. Laws that segregate, make criminals of people based on their status rather than their behavior or prohibit certain people’s right to be in public spaces are not just sad relics from the past. Today, numerous laws infringe on poor people’s ability to exist in public space or obtain basic needs such as housing, employment, and equal protection under the law. Our Homeless Bill of Rights (HBR) Campaign stands on the shoulders of social justice campaigns of the past to alleviate poverty and homelessness while protecting homeless and poor people from unjust laws and ensuring all people’s right to exist in public spaces.




Tent City Urbanism A wonderful book about Tiny Home Villages across the country – Lots of useful info about zoning codes, examples of what works and what doesn’t – very inspirational

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