Concept Plan

Currently, we are working with the city of Denver on a concept plan for a Tiny Home Village in Denver.
We are getting a lot of guidance from the kind folks involved with Opportunity Village in Eugene, OR, and Dignity Village. Also, we are holding Community Forums around Denver to try and get input/direction from homeless people themselves about what they would like to see in a Tiny Home Village in Denver.

Here is the Plan we are working on at this time.

Click for Larger View

And the PDFs

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TINY HOMES 2 – Sheet – A-110 – SITEPLAN 3.1

TINY HOMES 2 – Sheet – A-111 – FIRST FLOOR PLAN 3.1






Some Other Popular Tiny home Models:





And A few of the concept Plans from other Villages

To find out more information about models of tiny homes that have worked, please visit Opportunity Village

Here are some concepts from other cities that have worked:

Dignity Village in Portland, OR
DV Aerial View high res

Opportunity Village In Eugene, OROpportunity Village illustrative (1)

Rest Area Model:
Rest Area model

Whoville Concept Plan:
whoville concept plan


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