A Little About Us

About The Tiny Homes Group

Tiny Homes Group is a Community Organization founded by members of Denver Homeless Out Loud and Beloved Community Mennonite Church along with Alternative Solutions Advocacy Project and others.

The Tiny Homes Group is a collaboration of Denver Homeless Out Loud, beloved Community Mennonite Church, pro bono  Architects, Engineers, and Urban Planners, working with and for people experiencing homelessness in and around Denver, advocating for and protecting the rights and dignity of homeless people, While finding alternative solutions to shelters, emergency rooms, and jails.

Denver Homeless Out Loud and others hope to simply work alongside those who currently lack housing to create life-saving space and build a self-organized village by and for homeless people themselves.

We believe that everyone deserves a safe place to call home, period.

Following the lead of other cities, including Eugene, Portland, Madison, and Seattle, we are proposing a pilot Tiny Home Village Model with these values in mind: Community, Privacy, Self-Governance, Sustainability, Dignity, Choice, Creativity, and Beauty. We have begun construction on 2 model Tiny Homes and are currently holding community forums to try to get additional guidance from people experiencing homelessness about how to go about pursuing a Tiny Home Village.

path4146Our Symbol represents our values: The symbol drawn within the house comes from the Great Depression Era, and was used by poor and homeless people to let other poor wanderers know that a specific area was a safe place to stay (or “safe place to camp”, “safe place to spend the night”). We believe that when given no other options, poor and unsheltered people ought to speak, advocate and organize for themselves using the wisdom gained from their own experiences to better their own situations.
Please join us for our tiny homes meeting
Every Tuesday at 5:30 pm
2260 California st. Denver, Colorado 80205


Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL) works with and for people who experience homelessness, to solve the issues that arise from the experience of homelessness. We work to help protect and advocate for dignity, rights and choices for people experiencing homelessness. To these ends, we commit our efforts toward goals affirmed and raised by homeless people, within our organization and without. We strive to add our strengths together to create ways of living in which everyone has a safe place they can call home.

We welcome you to join us in this work.
Denver Homeless Out Loud

Meeting Date and Time:
Every Wednesday at 4:45-7pm
2260 California St Denver, Colorado 80205

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