Beloved Community village

Beloved Community Village in collaboration with  Colorado Village Collaborative  is proud to present…”Denver’s first Tiny Homes Project.

The Village

Beloved Community Village is a community of people experiencing homelessness in Denver, Colorado that provides small-scale Tiny homes for up to 22 people (11 Tiny Homes), that began this year July (2017) as a 180-day pilot project. It is democratically self-governed with a mission that provides homes for those people experiencing homelessness that also cultivates community living and self-empowerment. The Village is a place that enables people without homes to re-establish their place in a community. It’s a place where they will rediscover Talents, renew their purpose and restore their dignity. Most importantly, it’s a place they can call home. A truly radical experiment to help provide just one small ( No pun Intended ) solution to homelessness.



Beloved Community Village is a self-governing tiny home village whose purpose is to provide a home base and safe place for those who are presently in Denver and have no other place to live. With this collection of secure and insulated homes, we provide a viable solution in the midst of the current housing crisis. The village includes 11 Tiny homes for individuals and couples, 1 CircHouse (for food preparation and gatherings), Restrooms and Showers. This village is inspired by many other similar, successful villages across the country.

 Beloved Community Village exists because…

We, as people needing homes, know we can’t keep waiting for someone else to build them for us.
We must take matters into our own hands and create our own home together with compassion, community, and dignity.
We, in solidarity, take the responsibility to build, govern and sustain our village.
We, as people coming from survival on the streets, know the vast and critical need for safe spaces to sleep without being rousted by police or private security and being under the constant threat of violence.
We believe that all people deserve safe sleep
We the village residents will do all we can to provide this for our community.
We envision the world where all people have this basic right to create homes together.

“Who is better prepared than the oppressed to understand the terrible significance of an oppressive society?”

If you would like to get involved or find out more about tiny homes you can email us at

or call 303.618.3976

Everyone deserves a safe place to call home, Period.

13 thoughts on “Beloved Community village

  1. Me and my wife are homeless and we love tiny houses we would love to have a tiny house to leave in and call home thank you have a nice day my name is Cynthia and my wife name charleigh 720)461-4706

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  2. This is incredible! I hope and pray that Denver allows this to help everyone. At live in southern Colorado, and would love to build a tiny house, but zoning laws prohibit structures less than 600 sq ft. I am just 1 disabled person. I don’t need that much and can’t afford to build that large on a very low fixed income.

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  3. This is honestly so incredible. I am so proud and in tears over how wonderful this is. Thank you for your hearts for this and what you’ve done. I will spread the word and I support this project 100% I am in Colorado Springs and rooting you guys on from there. Start it there and it will spread. Someday people will ALL have somewhere to live.


  4. Hello everyone just thought I’d say hello and introduce myself! I’m Kristine one of the future residents of BC Village and just want to say thanks for all of the support!

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  5. I’ve had my eye on this project for a hot minute . It’s really cool to see someone making a good change to the city instead of more unaffordable housing.

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  6. Is it possible for me to get into one of these I’m homeless with my cat in the car and I need to place my phone number is 720-552-0889 for the next week and it’s turning into from their 720-376-8861

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  7. I have three grown daughters 1st. 29yrs. 3 boys, ages 8, 9, 4 months just move here 2 weeks ago homeless, 2nd. Daughter 25, 3 boys ages 11, 6, 4 moved here homeless to my 3rd daughter 23, no kids thank God . a dental asstance single need a place to live homeless just moved here o7/20/17 has two intervews for dental asstance job. I live in transitional housing with my 19yr old daughter who work security, going to college for physical therepy. And my 13 yrs son in 8th grade so my other kids can not live with me. I hope you can help my daughters be place in a home with their kids. I get S. S. i 752. 00 $ a month so i cant help i am disabled, but i applied for a job at family dollars waiting on interview thank you if you can’t help them , i know your program will help a family. May your program continue to succeed in the future. Thanks Mrs. Judy Lee judyamos96@gmail. Com

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  8. Hi my name is fred I’m a pysch grad working on my master in social work would like to volunteer or something let’s talk and make it happen .
    Kind regards

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  9. Hello my name is Keri. I have been homelss now since oct 2015 after being a victim of a very violent crime. I found it hard to find recources since then amd continue to live on the strert. How would I apply for this program?

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